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4 Great Examples of Quality Proven Bratt Pans For A Modern Food Industry

Bratt pans are popular in the foodservice industry for containing liquids and other foodstuffs with ease. They provide excellent ease of mobility and are compact, which makes them easy to clean. With these features, Bratt pans can stay intact even when you expose them to extreme temperatures. Bratt pans are among the essential tools in the food industry. They keep the food fresh and tasty. Their large variety means that you can use them in every fast food restaurant.

1.   CAPIC Bratt Pan Type 100

The CAPIC Bratt pan type 100 is a must have Bratt pan. The Bratt pan type 100 has a bimetallic bottom of 12 mm thick, gas burners, and a reinforced chassis structure so that you can have a reliable, ergonomic, and hygienic Bratt pan. This product is straightforward to use, does it work without effort, and you can also enjoy the pleasant sight of cooking with this professional tool.

The Bratt pan type 100 is ideal for shellfish, fish and seafood, casseroles, gratins, and desserts. The pan is suitable in professional restaurants as well as in your kitchen at home. The bimetallic bottom allows you to cook food evenly and obtain higher temperatures than traditional pans. The durable chassis structure ensures not only increased efficiency but also durability. The bimetallic bottom offers the best heating properties.

2.   Type RC Kettle Bratt Pan

Bratt pans are ideal for braising and cooking products, including meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. The double-skinned pan has a flat bottom. The tank has a 12mm thick stainless steel, heated directly up to 350 degrees. The Bratt pan redefines the concept of a frying pan where you can bake, brown, and braise all in one utensil.

The RC kettle-Bratt pan is an ideal solution for your business or self-use. The stainless steel with thermal diffuser and 12mm thick bottom provides even heat distribution. The so-called braising pan is excellent and ideal for cooking stews or more significant amounts of food with a base of thick stainless steel.

3.   Circular Bratt-Pan With Arms

A Circular Bratt pan is an electric-powered vessel designed to prepare meals via the braising process. The most commonly used pan is suitable for cooking sausage, but it is ideal for cooking meat, fish, or poultry. Bratt pan kettle has a volume of 280 liters or 380 liters and heats up using electric heating elements.

A Bratt pan kettle is a pressure vessel combining an oven, a grill, and a boil-in-ox tank. It enables the heating of solid or liquid food by applying thermal energy at high pressure. It’s aimed at processes: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and others.

The Circular Bratt pan is a unique solution to all your cooking needs. The only Bratt pan comes with a mixing arm that rotates per the recipe, automatically lowering and raising according to the program. The two-part lid allows faster operation when you need it but closes for when you want to lose less energy from evaporation. This versatile Bratt pan is the perfect machine for the demanding chef in your life.

The Bratt pans are a true innovation, which plays a significant role in conserving the cooked product. It is a new way to cook with outstanding results for braised meat, meat and vegetables, and seafood. Bratt pans also offer excellent heat distribution between the tank and the bottom of the pan.

4.   Bratt Pan 100 For Food Processing

The Bratt pan type 100 for food processing has a tank capacity of about 300 liters and a depth of about 310mm. The Bratt pan 100 for food processing is suitable for browning and frying or to cook separately from savory-seasoned dishes. Tank surface measures about 1 640 X 700 mm, giving a total surface area of about 1.4m2 and a total tank volume of about 600litres.

The Bratt Pan for food processing makes the filling and emptying as simple as possible, and therefore offers a lot of advantages compared with other systems. Hence, you can fill and transfer the food more conveniently and much faster. The suspended grates ensure that no product is left behind, minimizing infiltrations and corrosion due to condensation. The counterbalanced lid ensures that you empty the pan wholly and quickly. The product height above the main deck also keeps your staff at a safe height for unloading.


The Bratt Pan technology allows professional chefs to bring the stovetop experience of panfrying or saute food out of the kitchen and onto a portable, cost-effective solution. Bringing innovation and expertise, Bratt integrates quality and reliability in its products and professional equipment range.  Bratt pans meet the health and safety standards in many countries worldwide, ensuring you get the best outcome every time. After all, food is one of your most important investments, and with CAPIC Bratt pans, you can rest assured that your investment is safe and worth it every time.