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5 Amazing Ways You Can Try to Serve the Baked Potatoes

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A baked potato is a delicious side dish, but the incorrect toppings will load you up with the sodium, calorie, fat and can transform this healthy veggie into a diet disaster. Have a look at the best ways you can try with the toppings and ideas when it comes to extra loaded baked potatoes.

  • Medium plain baked potato

This serves about 150 calories and five grams of fiber which is important for your digestive tract. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Also, size matters, a small baked potato serves 130 calories and a big one has 275 calories. You can add toppings to it like butter, sour cream, and cheese, but it will add more calories to it. There are also toppings for low calories.

  • Medium baked potato with butter

One big tbsp. of butter has 100 calories that make this dish of about 250 calories. But a tiny pat has around 35 calories, so a small serving of this potato will has around 170 calories. A big one plus two full tbsps. Will have around 500 calories.

  • Medium baked potato with sour cream

Two tbsps. Of sour cream has around 60 calories so you can be more generous and keep the calories in check. A medium baked potato served with two tbsps. Of sour cream would be 210 calories. A tiny baked potato with a tbsp. of sour cream has around 160 calories. And a huge baked potato with 3 tbsps. will have around 365 calories and chives have no calories at all.

  • Medium twice baked potatoes

The calorie count for this dish may vary on the basis of what you add in it. A small twice baked potato served with little milk and sour cream has around 160 calories but when you add bacon or cheese you can increase the calorie count in the same. A huge twice baked potato could have 300 or more calories.

  • Medium baked potato with cheese sauce and broccoli

Broccoli has low calories and is good for your health. When you add cheese sauce to it, you can 200 to 300 calories to it. A medium baked potato served with broccoli and cheese sauce has around 400 calories and a huge one will serve you 600 calories. It can be increased with you add bacon to it. Melt half or more cheese calories by adding a huge serving of steamed broccoli and add a tbsp. or two of shredded cheddar cheese as a topping.

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