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5 Common Pregnancy Health Problems You Need Not Worry About

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Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that brings along with it several changes in the body. Some of these changes can result in discomfort or irritation leading to worry or concern. Although there is no need for any kind of alarm or concern as these changes are temporary and go away, you can consult your gynecologist in Bangalore for ways to deal with them. Regular prenatal visits to the best maternity hospital in Bangalore can help you understand the changes in your body better and deal with any potential problems.

Changes Related to Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings along with several hormonal and physiological changes that significantly aid in the development of the fetus but may also affect the mood and the health of the woman concerned.

  • Increased levels of estrogen support the development of the baby by helping the fetus get the necessary nutrients, develop and mature. But the increase in the levels of estrogen can also lead to nausea or enlargement of breasts.
  • Similarly, an increase in the level of progesterone results in the loosening of the ligaments and joints throughout the body which makes exercising difficult rendering the pregnant women at greater risk for sprains and strains.
  • The enlargement of breasts, expansion of the abdomen from flat or concave to convex which in turn increases the curvature of her back results in a change in the overall posture and backache. Tenderness or sensitivity of the breasts is common with an increase in the size of nipple and areola and is part of the process of preparing the breasts for supplying milk to the newborn baby.

Some Common Problems Associated with Pregnancy

In addition to issues like backache, nausea and a feeling of tiredness that are quite common and a result of the changing hormones, pregnant women tend to get worried by a change in their tastes or vision or skin. But most of these changes are temporary and tend to go away once the baby is delivered. Here are certain symptoms that may trouble you but are not alarming.

  1. Swelling in the face and limbs: The increase in weight increases the workload on the body and slows down the circulation of blood and bodily fluids in the lower limbs. This leads to fluid retention and swelling in the face and limbs. This can be handled by taking adequate rest and avoiding long hours of standing.
  2. Changes in vision: Some women may experience blurry vision or increased nearsightedness which generally gets restored after the birth of the baby. Women with diabetic issues are, however, at the risk of rare eye problems and should regularly consult their gynecologist in Bangalore.
  3. Changes in the taste: This is a very common problem witnessed by most pregnant women. They tend to prefer strong sour, salty and sweet dishes. The taste preferences can also differ from one trimester to another. In some cases, women may get a metallic taste which can result in nausea and is indicative of a nutrient imbalance.
  4. Increased sensitivity: Higher sensitivity to a variety of odors and unwanted hair growth on the body are normal and should not be a cause of worry.
  5. Stretch marks: These are caused by the physical stretching of the skin as well as hormonal changes. Although these marks may not disappear fully, they may fade over time.
  6. Breathlessness: Shortness of breath while climbing stairs or changes in blood pressure levels are common to pregnant women. Constant monitoring of blood pressure levels is important, mention experts at the best maternity hospital in Bangalore

Apart from these common problems, a pregnant woman may experience certain unique problems which should be discussed with their gynecologist who can recommend the best remedies for dealing with them.

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