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Are You a Big Fan of Chicken Wings? Here are some Amazing Facts You Must Know

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There was a time in the world when chicken wings were not on the menu anywhere. But after 1964, Buffalo, NY, made a revolutionary invention called chicken wings and served them at Buffalo Wings & Rings since 1984. So, if you are a big fan, here are some of the more facts about chicken wings below.

  • Chicken wings don’t have to be spicy every time. There are many restaurants where you can get best wings in Arizona without repeating a sauce combo.
  • They may be called hot wings, but it is not for the heat. They are called hot wings because of the legendary medium sauce that scores the most orders.
  • But there are many who like it sweet and this is where the mild sauce comes to the rescue.
  • On every Labor Day weekend since 2002, wing fans from all US states visit the downtown Buffalo to pay tribute to their favourite food at the National Buffalo Wing Festival. The event also includes activities like crowning Miss Buffalo Wing, live music, awards, a 5k marathon etc.

  • In the Super Bowl of 2018, a research claimed that the Americans consumed around 1.35 billion chicken wings. The highest number in the Super Bowl history.
  • Before they could be deemed a snack, the chicken wings were thrown away or kept aside to make chicken stock. More of a delicious recycling.
  • The meat on the chicken wings is white and not dark.
  • You may believe that you may get only 2 wings per chicken, but there are actually 4: two drummettes and two flats. Chicken is its own four for one wing special.
  • The chicken we consume are not baby chickens, they are actually adult chicks who cannot fly.
  • National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated on every July 29th.

  • A professional eater named Molly Schuyler holds the record for eating the highest number of chicken wings ever. She ate 501 chicken wings in 30 minutes.
  • There are more than 25 billion chickens in the world.
  • Studies have claimed that an average American would eat around 18000 chicken wings in his lifetime. So means if you live for 79 years and have 20 teeth when you turn 3, then you carry the seven. A lot of wings, isn’t it?
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