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Beginner Workout: Here is A Complete Checklist of Things You Need to Succeed

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Knowing the right way to start when you are beginning to work out is challenging unless you have a personal trainer guiding you. Many people strip away because they don’t start with the basics. So, whether you are an athlete in the game for some time or a newbie, starting to exercise can be intimidating. However, reading this article probably means you are beginning to exercise and want to know where to start. The good news is that you are in the right place. The following are essential things you need when beginning to exercise for it to be fruitful.

  • Understand Fitness Terms

The first thing you should do if you want to have a successful fitness journey is to understand the different terms used in fitness. What is the difference between a set and a rep? The point is understanding basic things to ensure you know what you are doing. Some terms you should know include:

  • Set. A set is the number of rounds of repetitions.
  • Rep. A rep is the number of times you repeat a set.
  • Flexibility. Flexibility means your ability to stretch muscles and exercises like yoga.
  • Super Set. Combining two reps without resting to work different muscle groups is known as a superset.
  • Cardio. Cardio is a heart-pumping exercise that involves breathing through the mouth, not the nose.
  • HIIT. High-intensity Interval Training is the kind of workout where you maximize high-intensity exercise for some time, followed by short resting periods.
  • Have a Recovery Plan

The way you take care of your body before and after workouts is crucial to get the best results. After a workout, your muscles may be sore, so you will need to find a quick way to help them recover before your next workout. You can try a salt bath or stretching massage to soothe the muscles. Taking protein supplements before and after a workout can also be a good idea for faster muscle recovery. If you decide to use beta-alanine, know that it causes a tingling effect, even though it does not pose any risk. Many people are conversant with beta alanine itching, known as paresthesia. It is only a bodily reaction that goes away with time.

  • Get Your Fitness Gear

The best way to make exercising effective is by wearing the right clothes. You will not be comfortable if you plan to do squats in jeans. So, invest in the proper workout attire and ensure it is comfortable. Make sure the fabric you choose absorbs moisture to keep sweat marks off. Ensure you have a support bra, bike shorts, a fitting tank top and perfectly fitting shoes. Selecting the correct type of workout shoes enhances your performance, prevents injuries and keeps you comfortable.

  • Use Healthy Apps

Turning to your phone for guidance is also a good idea. You can install numerous apps to guide you on how to go about fitness. They teach you the correct exercises to take for a specific target and the intervals of your workout. They also track your progress in terms of calories burned, pace, speed, distance, etc.

  • Gather Home Gear

If you plan to work out from home, invest in home gear like a yoga mat, dumbbells, a medicine ball and a step. These are vital to enhance your workout and help you develop a routine.


If you are starting an exercise, this is the best way to do it. Begin with knowing what different terms mean and where to use them. Additionally, invest in the proper attire and home gear and use apps for help. Don’t forget to have a recovery plan.

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