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Chocolatey goodness: how to use chocolate liqueur

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Chocolate liqueur is a deliciously rich alcoholic beverage typically made from chocolate, vanilla and a base alcohol like vodka or whisky. Given its warm and welcoming flavour and unique profile, chocolate liqueur has long been a popular additive to various drinks and desserts across the world.

Here are just a few ways you can use the delightful chocolate liqueur:

  1. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is an Italian favourite that long ago took the world by storm. You can find this scrumptious cream and coffee-based dessert from Milan to Melbourne and across to Mexico City, with many local specialties including different native ingredients.

For a naughty twist on this otherwise alcohol-free fan favourite, you can add a little chocolate liqueur. And, if you’re a fan of both tiramisu and choccy liqueur, you may just find yourself unable to return to the virgin version!

  1. Add it to a milkshake

Who doesn’t love a chocolate milkshake? Ever since we were kids, there was no more exciting beverage to get our hands on than the legendary chocolate milkshake – one of the beverages of choice on a hot summer’s day.

But we’re not kids anymore – we’re adults – and we might like to spice it up a little with a little chocolate liqueur. You can even substitute your usual chocolate syrup with your favourite choccy liqueur to make the base recipe.

  1. Add it to your ice cream

Okay, you get it, we get it: chocolate liqueur is to be added to sweet things to provide a full sweetness overload. One of the very best things in the world when it comes to liqueur is to pour a generous helping over your ice cream, creating a cheeky boozy sundae.

It’s the perfect dessert on a hot summer’s day and should truly be a barbie favourite!

  1. Add it to cakes

Sick of that same old dry chocolate cake that just doesn’t hit the spot? If you’re bored of attempting to swallow something that, unfortunately, is more-often-than not quite a boring treat, then adding some delicious chocolate liqueur to the recipe will really add a flavour kick.

  1. Add it to whipped cream

Because who said whipped cream had to be just whipped cream? This already delightful condiment can be truly invigorated with a little added sweetness, and whipped cream with chocolate liqueur is simply scrumptious to add to all the classic treats you would usually add the cream to.

  1. Add it to cocktails

Duh! Chocolate liqueur is, afterall, an alcoholic beverage, and is a necessity for many cocktails. The chocolate martini, chocolatini, brandy Alexander and golden Cadillac all benefit from its delightfully sweet goodness, so maybe it’s time to consider some chocolate cocktails for your next dinner party?

  1. Add to chocolate mousse

Okay, last one! The last ultra-sweet, almost-sickly thing you can delectable chocolate liqueur to and enjoy it with absolute naughty wonder! A good chocolate mousse cannot be topped, and one thing that really brings out its flavours is a hint of a chocolate liqueur.

Rich, bold and full-flavoured, chocolate liqueur can really add a lot to this classic dessert.

That’s a lot of versatility

As you can see, there are lots of tantalising reasons to have a bottle of good quality chocolate liqueur waiting in your spirit collection. With so many fabulous desserts to add this saucy liqueur to, you can be sure that the next time you make one of these favorites then it’s going to have a little extra kick to it!

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