Healthy Food

Choosing Healthy Options from the Catering Menu at Little India

When on a diet, you will try to restrict yourselves from whatever appeals to your sense and eat something unhealthy. Many people think that Indian cuisine is highly unhealthy and must be avoided to preserve one’s wellbeing. But, the truth is that Indian cuisine consists of the healthiest, most nutritious supplements in the form of legumes, spices, curries, and lentils. However, these days, the majority of such ingredients are cooked in clarified butter or in processed oils that have huge amounts if saturated fats, possibly throwing your diet off rails.

When checking out catering menu at Little India, here are tips to choose healthy options:

Choose Green Salad as an Appetizer

While it can be tempting to select an appetizer from the array of fried Indian appetizers, it is best to go for a salad in the course. Most of the standard Indian restaurants offer green salad. An important tip is to avoid ordering an assortment of salad dressing alongside the dish. Salad dressing is high in fats. Some Indian restaurants have specially processed low-fat dressing.

Avoid Soups

If you have high blood pressure, you must stay away from the soup section of the menu. Often, soups have high sodium content, especially in terms of Indian soups. Instead, just order the healthier alternative of a stew.

Avoid Fried Food

Fried foods contain a high amount of saturated fats, cholesterol, and calories. Eating them could prevent you from maintaining or achieving your ideal weight. Indian food such as samosas, pakoras, parathas, and some types of fried sweets are often part of the fried sections of the menu. Instead of something fried, go for grilled or steamed dishes.

Order Chicken or Seafood

If you are concern about the health of your heart, consider sticking to ordering white meat such as chicken or seafood instead of red meat like lamb and beef. Luckily, Indian cuisines include a lot of chicken and shrimp dishes to pick from. A lot of Indian staples are indeed made out of chicken, which contains a high amount of protein.

Learn to Say No to the Dessert

While you are in a restaurant, you have sumptuous dessert options for you to choose from. But, it is best to skip it if you want to go the healthy way. If you need to order something sweet, choose a lassi with artificial sweeteners. Also, coffee or tea can be your options.