Cosmetic Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

You may commonly know Rhinoplasty as a nose job or a nose surgery. It is a surgery of the nose in which the shape of your nose gets changed to improve its functioning. You would have nose surgery due to some medical reasons like breathing problems, congenital disabilities, and trauma disfigurement. You would even have nose surgery because of some cosmetic reasons. In cosmetic nose surgery, the shape of your nose will get changed for its look and appearance.

Are you deciding to get a Nose Surgery?

If you are deciding to get a nose surgery, first of all, you need to get an appointment with a surgeon for discussing your entire nose. Keep it in your mind that there is nothing more perfect than your nose. A nose job can improve your facial features and offers a unique and natural beauty on your face. The surgeon, who is going to operate Rhinoplasty on your nose, will evaluate your nose structure and other features of your face. The surgeon also considers your overall health and discusses every risk, cost involved, and recovery time in nose surgery. He can use various techniques to reshape your nose.

Step by Step Procedure of a Nose Job|

  1. Surgery of the nose is an outpatient procedure, which would mean that patient needs not stay overnight in the hospital.
  2. You will get anesthesia usually. With the help of anesthesia, you will sleep all through your surgery.
  3. You will not feel pain during surgery.
  4. The surgeon cuts nostrils during a nose job.
  5. If it is a complicated case, he or she may also cut across the nose base.
  6. Then, a surgeon reshapes the inner bone of your nose and even cartilage, so that it produces a more pleasing appearance of your nose.

Getting Recovery from a Nose Job!

Usually, people wear a nasal splint after the nose surgery for the first week. There may be swelling and also some bruising around your eyes after a nose job. It would improve after the third week of the surgery. This swelling and bruising can also last up to two weeks. Your nose may also swell a little that you and your surgeon will only notice. After six months of nose surgery, nose swelling will completely go away. After your nose gets wholly healed, you will see the final shape of your nose. After getting a nose job, you should avoid strenuous activities for 3-6 weeks. Within two-three weeks after the surgery, you can return to your social activities without any recognizable signs that you have got surgery.

How to choose the best Surgeon for Getting a Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

It is a very demanding and challenging surgery because of its popularity. However, many better surgeons can best perform this surgery. Choose the best surgeon who has achieved surgical specialties with training and experience in nose surgery.