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Custom Coffee Cups with Design — Creating a Brand Highlight

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If you pay attention to paper cups, you will notice that they differ in size, color, and texture. People, especially those who sell drinks or products (ice cream, yogurt) in paper cups, need to understand the types of such cups.

All paper cups are divided into two categories. These are cups for hot and drinks for cold. Hot cups can be single-layer and double-layer, and corrugated and corrugated cups also belong to the class of two-layer paper cups. The type of single-layer cups for cold also includes paper bowls that serve ice cream and yogurt.

Rich assortment

Despite the apparent simplicity, paper products for drinks are very diverse. In addition to the classification described above, custom disposable coffee cups also differ:

  • by capacity — from 100 to 400 ml; the most popular are large cups (250 and 300 ml);
  • by design — tinting can be any; it is possible to choose cups for the colors that prevail in the interior of the catering establishment;
  • by the presence and nature of images — brand logos, sports themes, abstract drawings — for every taste;
  • by the price — in addition to the differences listed above, is affected by the type of material: two-layer containers are slightly more expensive than single-layer ones.

In general, the cost of disposable tableware is acceptable for the quality of the products. Products come directly from the manufacturer, which allows offering the best prices and discounts — often up to half the price.

Paper cup appearance with logo

What does a paper cup look like? It is one of the essential criteria when choosing it! Paper cups can be used with a plain design or plain white for everyday use. Custom-designed paper cups are best used in public places and take-away drinks, ice cream, and yogurt outlets. If you want to promote your brand and increase customer loyalty, using cups with a unique design is better. The outer shell of the cups is significant, as the appearance attracts visitors.

In today’s dynamic world, paper cups are advertising media. Printing a unique design transforms paper cups into packaging with the message of promotional effects. Today, in almost all points of sale of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, carbonated and milkshakes, ice cream, and yogurt, including restaurants, these types of drinks and products are offered in paper cups with a unique design. This approach increases brand loyalty and allows you to increase the number of customers. The visitor’s subconscious changes by placing the conditions of promotions or an inciting text on a paper cup. The visitor will wish to visit this institution another time.

Advantages of the cups

Nowadays, paper cups have become indispensable in use. Why are paper cups so popular? We want to buy only high-quality products for ourselves and our loved ones. Paper cups are like that! Moreover, they are safe to use. Production paper cups are made only from high-quality cardboard. In the production of this cardboard, only recycled wood is used. Paper cups do not emit toxic substances.

Paper cups are the most environmentally friendly disposable tableware. The advantage of such cups is one-time use and convenience. When buying coffee or ice cream, ensure that the used paper cup is new and hygienic. You can take it with you; for example, the cups will not take up much space for nature. They do not need to be washed, used once, and thrown away. The cups are easy to recycle.

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