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Food Safety From Processing To Packaging

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What method do you use to shop for groceries? Do you establish a weekly food plan, an ingredient list, and go to the supermarket exclusively for those items? Do you browse the adverts for the best deal and then create a menu around it? Maybe you’ll take a stroll down the aisles until something catches your attention.

Whether you’re a sunday dinner enthusiast, a vegetarian, or a professional sous-chef, you want cuisine that not only tastes great but is also safe to eat. Everyone is concerned about food safety, especially as the number of major food recalls has risen in recent years. While some recalls may be required in order to be extra careful, today’s consumers demand higher levels of food safety.

Food makers are responding to these concerns, especially those related to food safety and the risk of foodborne illness. Many are adopting modern technology in order to meet strict safety, quality, and preservation standards. These devices make use of high-pressure processes, ultrasonic equipment, pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet light, and ionizing radiation. Without the use of preservatives, these technologies can destroy viruses and other pathogens while simultaneously extending the shelf life of goods. For additional information on these technologies, see the links below.

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