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Four Essential Health Benefits of Duck Meat

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Many people love duck as a lunchtime staple or for Sunday roasts. This versatile type of meat can be used for many mouth-watering dishes. Although chicken may have been considered as the leanest source of protein, people should start realising the meat is a healthy option. Eating duck meat provides many health benefits such as the following:

Duck Meat is Waistline-Friendly

Many people don’t like duck meat because of its fat content. However, while duck has a generous layer of fat, it is located on the surface. If you remove the skin, most of the fat is released, yielding a lean protein source. Indeed, when the skin is removed, a duck breast is like a skinless chicken breast that both have around 3 grams of fat per 100 grams of meat. That is why skinless duck breast makes a delicious and lean addition to waistline-friendly suppers. Just look for juicy duck breast recipes to get the most out of your meat.

It Has Lots of Vitamins

Duck meat contains plenty of B vitamins that help with energy creation, detoxification, and cellular function. Although you can get B vitamins from different sources, duck meat has all eight essential B vitamins. In particular, B12 is just available from meat-based sources like duck. This vitamin is essential for cognition with studies linking a B12 deficiency with poor memory and attention deficit.

It Helps Boost Immunity

In terms of immune function, most people will take vitamin C to provide them a boost against illnesses. But, there is more to immunity than this vitamin. Studies reveal that the minerals selenium and zinc are important to ensure proper immune system function. The white blood cells in the body all contain selenium and need a good dose of it to be ready for battles. Also, zinc offers the same effect which is to regulate every part of the immune system. Duck contains both of these minerals. It is even said that a single duck breast has more than one-third of the daily recommended intake of selenium.

It Contains a Good Amount of Iron

Iron deficiency can leave a person tired and lacking in energy. This is because iron is a significant component of the oxygen-carrying portion of every red blood cell in the body. Duck is a good source of iron. Indeed, experts say that duck meat contains as much iron as beef.  A duck breast meets half of the recommended daily intake of iron for the majority of women.

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