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Guide to Blend Coffees and Create a Signature Coffee at The Comfort of Your Home

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The majority of coffee brands in the market are blended coffee varieties. Coffee blends are made of coffee beans that are originated from different places as opposed to single-origin coffee. Blending different single-origin coffee varieties ensure the resulting coffee includes the best of all worlds and results in a balanced taste.

Reasons commercial brands feature coffee blends:

  • Cost considerations: Blending cheaper coffee varieties with pricier ones reduces the overall cost
  • Consistency: Customers expect every cup of their coffee from a particular brand to taste the same way and blending different varieties results in a consistent and balanced coffee taste.
  • Signature test: Each single-origin coffee has a distinct flavor and blending those cancels out the predominant flavors of each and results in an enhanced taste.

Create your coffee blend:

Creating coffee blends isn’t only for artisan roasters. You can try blending coffee grounds at home and brew a unique one using your home espresso maker. That way you are totally in control of the coffee taste and brew it exactly as per your liking. Arm yourself with adequate knowledge and you’ll master the art of brewing an excellent cup of coffee.

Basics of blending:

Choosing the coffee blend isn’t just about randomly mixing many top single-origin brands. You need to know the different flavor profiles of coffee ground varieties and how roasting affects the taste. If you are looking for detailed information on coffee blends visit the website of MyFriendsCoffee. They are the best online resource for all coffee-related information.

Flavor profiles of coffee:

  • For a sharper, sweeter taste and more aroma add Central American Coffee (up to 25%)
  • For more sweetness opt for Indonesian varieties like premium Sumatra or Sulawesi (up to 50%)
  • Yemeni coffee is associated with spicy pungency (25 to 50%)
  • IF you want a funky blend, try adding Monsooned or Aged coffee.
  • For more sweetness and fruited acidity, opt for Ethiopian, Harar, Sidamo for great crema (up to 25%)

Roasting instructions:

In the case of Melange blends, roast the grounds separately before blending them since some grounds vary in size and roast at different rates and dry-processed Arabicas have to be roasted at a higher temperature than other coffee grounds. Other varieties can be roasted together. If the resulting coffee doesn’t taste good, try roasting them separately and blend both before brewing.

How to blend coffee varieties at home?

Begin with a base coffee of your choice and brew it the usual way. Think about how else you could enhance its flavor – more cocoa/ body/ sweetness? Pick a coffee variety that matches your requirement and brew it. You can add up to 5 varieties of coffee grounds. Brew them in separate cups and start mixing them at different proportions to see which tastes better.

Blending your own signature coffee variety at home is not rocket science. If you are passionate about coffee and willing to experiment with its different flavors, you’ll love the process involved to make coffee blends.

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