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How to cure acidity permanently?

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Are you tired of daily acidity problems? Is it making your life hell? We know the worse side of acidity and the way it can affect a person.

No doubt, improper eating habits leads to acidity in our stomach. In case of excess production of stomach acid, it can put pressure on the stomach. As a result, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) feels the need to open up, and this way, stomach acid travels to the esophagus. Further, it can cause chest pain, and thereafter you will seek an acid reflux remedy.

If you have ever dealt with acid reflux, it’s better known to you that what it can do to your body. Over the counter, medicines work as a great acid reflux cure. But is that enough or do you need to do something more? We can’t block the production of stomach acid as it helps in the digestion of food. Bringing some changes in the regular eating habits and daily lifestyles is going to help. Let’s check out some effective home remedies for acid reflux now, which will help in getting rid of acidity permanently.

1) Banana

Do you know the magic of banana and their composition? It offers certain health benefits that no other food can. Banana is a natural acid reflux antacid. Consuming one banana daily can keep you away from acid reflux problems. It contains a high amount of fiber and potassium, which help to keep your digestive tract healthy.

2) Jaggery

Many people are not aware of the potential of jaggery as an acid reflux remedy. Our ancestors used to consume jaggery after meals as it is rich in magnesium. It helps in the digestion process by neutralizing stomach acid. Jaggery show some impressive effect on your digestive health.

3) Cold Milk

If you are not lactose intolerant and love drinking milk, drink one glass of cold milk daily. One glass is enough to give you relief from acidity. Due to the presence of calcium, it restricts the production of stomach acid. Next time whenever acidity affects your stomach, try only one glass of cold milk.

4) Chew Gum

Some studies have shown that chewing gum can help in getting rid of acidity in the stomach. If the gum you prefer contains bicarbonate, then it turns out as one of the best acid reflux remedy. It increases saliva production and neutralizes stomach acid residing in your esophagus.

5) Coconut water

Coconut water stimulates mucous production and mucous is known for protecting the inner lining of the esophagus from harmful chemical effects. It’s also enriched in fiber so your digestion process boosts up too.

Bottom Line

Do not try any natural remedy without asking your doctor. You never know what impact it will leave on your body. So, be careful while using any non-prescribed medicine too.

If you want instant relief from heartburn, use Gaviscon that lasts up to 2X longer vs ordinary antacids. Reap its benefits by buying one today. It’s the safest acid reflux medication for pregnant women.

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