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Italian Restaurants: What are the healthiest food items you can order here?

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There are several Italian restaurant in Wynwood which serve mouthwatering food items. Nevertheless, if you are on a low carb diet, dinning at an Italian restaurant can prove to be challenging. You see, cheese pizzas, buttery garlic breads, pastas, etc. don’t really fit into a diet chart.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot find healthy food items at Italian restaurants. In fact, you will be surprised to find several low carb items on menu at Wynwood Italian restaurants. All you have to do is find them…

Ordering healthy food items at Italian restaurants:

Italians are well-known for purchasing fresh produces on daily basis. They like to add freshly purchased meat and seafood to their dishes. Well, now these are your best picks while dinning at Italian restaurants.

Start by ordering Italian soups. Ask for the ones which are full of veggies and beans. A small serving of these soups can help you get a hold on your hunger, and thereby control your appetite.

Next, don’t miss on ordering a Caesar salad. Authentic Italian restaurants use whole fillets in salads, and thus it is rich in Omega-3 fats. You can even try ordering roasted, grilled or simply marinated veggies to stuff your tummy. This can certainly work as a good side dish.

Order dishes specifically cooked using olive oil instead of the ones which are breaded or fried. Try dishes made using cacciatore, Marsala fish, beef, or chicken. You can also try soups with mussels, clams, shellfish, etc. After all, they are rich in protein.

Now, it is needless to say that an Italian meal is not complete until you order some pasta, but we recommend you stick to red pastas. The thing is, white sauce is usually made using plenty of butter and cheese. Also, many restaurants load their pastas with fresh cream to make them tastier.


Italians usually end their means with fresh fruits and rich desserts. Well, since you are trying to order healthier food items, better stay away from their desserts. On the other hand, you can consider ordering a cappuccino in the end. This low-sugar beverage will certainly conclude your meal in a much better way.

Finally, try and eat slowly to enjoy your meal to the fullest. You see, Italians are never the ones who eat their meals hastily. In fact, they try to eat slowly and leisurely. Ideally their meal time is full of laughter and friendly conversations.

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