Pros and cons of choosing Medicare Advantage Plans

Those who are on the edge of taking retirement, they need to think about their wellbeing and decide which healthcare insurance will be perfect for you. It’s okay if you decide to choose the original Medicare Plans. But in case, you are having second thoughts, you can consider having Medicare Supplement Plans, and these days Medicare Supplement Plan G is providing quite a good service to the elderly people.

However, those who want to choose the Medicare Advantage for themselves should learn all the pros and cons of it.

The pros of having Medicare Advantage

The convenience

By having the original Medicare Plan you will only get Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. They will only cover your hospital and medical insurance. But if you choose the Medicare Advantage Plan, you will be able to receive all coverage options in one Plan.

You can customize

You can have a different type of offers with every personal condition you will have. Patients with chronic health situations can get an SNP Advantage Plan.

You can save money

Having the Medicare Advantage Plan will help you save money compared to other plans.

Medicare care facilities (coordinated)

From coordinated medical care, some of the Medicare Advantage Plans can have benefits. You will be able to receive high-quality stuff experiences by having coordinated Medicare Care.

The cons of having a Medicare Advantage Plan

Service providing is limited

Among many famous Medicare Advantage Plans, if you pick the most popular one known as HMO Plan, you will face limitations. That time you won’t be able to receive services from other providers.

If you still want to have other services form other Plans while using the current Medicare Advantage Plan of yours, you will have to pay a higher price. In this case, you can always choose to pick any other plans, such as- Medicare Plan G and you will receive good coverage options.

Many offers can be pressuring

Studies have shown that, in the Medicare Advantage Plan of 2020, you can have many options and you will get to use them too. But sometimes so many options can be overwhelming depending on the situation.

When you will have to make a decision, in this type of situation, many options will confuse you and you might take the wrong decision and won’t be able to get a suitable health care option for yourself.

Additional fees

By having the original Medicare Plan, you will be having Medicare Part A and Part B with Part D. This will cost you a lot of your savings. But when you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, it will combine these costs into one plan and you will have to pay more additional fees for that.


The original Medicare plan will give you health care benefits all over the US. But by having the Medicare Advantage Plans, you may be allowed to have only one specific coverage to your area.

If you like to travel a lot, your Medicare Advantage Plan won’t cover your out of state health care costs at all.