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Six Important Reminders when Eating Sushi

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Eating sushi is a unique experience for non-Japanese. It has become a continuing trend in the United States. Because sushi is a Japanese food, there are things you must keep in mind when eating it, especially if it’s your first time in a sushi restaurant in Aspen. Whether you eat futomaki, sashimi, or gunkan sushi, here are some important things to remember:

Use just Enough of the Soy Sauce

You might want to order sushi because of the delicate and diverse flavors of raw fish. But, submerging the fish in soy sauce will kill the taste of the fish you have ordered. But, it is customary to fill the small soy sauce dish up just partially and refill it if you have to. Also, ensure the rice part of the sushi doesn’t tough the soy sauce.

Eat with Chopsticks

If you don’t want other customers at an upscale restaurant to give you an awful look, stick with your chopsticks. Sushi and sashimi are meant to be eaten with those wooden sticks.

Take Just a Bite

A piece of sushi can be too big for one bite for some people but you have to eat it all at once. However, breaking up big sushi can cause a serious mess and is considered bad etiquette. In Japanese culture, good sushi is small enough to finish in one bite.

Branch Out

If it’s your first time eating sushi, you may order rolls. But, experienced sushi eaters like sushi for the distinct taste of every kind of fish and not only for the seaweed and rice you get in a roll. Ordering rolls is okay but your next visit to the restaurant should be more than just about them. Try to diversify your order.

Eat Those Rolls First

In general, hand rolls and gunkan maki are made by wrapping a big sheet of seaweed around the fish and rice. The seaweed is usually crisp and you must eat hand rolls first. This makes sure the seaweed is still crisp and preserves maximum freshness.

Research the Fish a Restaurant Uses

Good restaurants use high-quality fish for their sushi. But, just for the safety part, make sure you don’t end up eating freshwater fish. Studies show that this fish may not be safe to eat when raw because they may have parasites. Although the topic is still open for debate, it is still good to know regardless.

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