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Taking Care of Your Baby’s Nutrition with HiPP Baby Formula

During the first years of life, children experience a great deal of growth and development. For this reason, they must have complete and balanced nutrition, which provides them with all the energy they need and the vitamins and minerals in the right amounts. This is why milk plays a fundamental role!

Hipp provides the baby with the nutrients essential for its development and growth through milk, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Hence the importance of milk for babies. From the age of one year, it is also advisable to continue giving a growth formula adapted to the child’s needs at that age, since cow’s milk is not adapted for them, as it has some excesses and deficiencies.

Remember that cow’s milk has an excess of proteins that is not good for the child’s organism, which should be taught healthy eating habits from the beginning. That is why growth formulas from the age of one year contain the right and necessary amount of protein to give children what they need for proper growth.

There is a universe of brands and milk formulas on the market, and finding the most suitable for your baby is not easy, as there are more frequent cases of children who have problems assimilating formula milk. However, one of the best you can find is Hipp baby formula.

In the second half of the 19th century, Joseph Hipp (1867 – 1926) was born in Günzburg on the banks of the Danube. In 1897 he married Maria Ostermayer from Pfaffenhofen.  Twins followed the birth of a daughter in 1898 in 1899, whose nutrition was problematic. Since the mother had problems with breastfeeding, the father had to take care of the feeding. But for him as a creative confectioner, it was not so difficult. He prepared biscuits and made his special flour. With this flour, he enriched the milk, which better satisfied the hunger. As a result, the twins survived and prospered.

The success of Maria Hipp’s husband’s biscuit flour for children, which she also sold in the store, spread quickly. Joseph Hipp was already supplying some fellow confectioners at the beginning of the 20th century. Thus, the bakery became a small factory for J. Hipp’s children’s biscuit flour, which was sold for decades in popular yellow and black packages.

One of his sons, Georg Hipp (1905 – 1967), mainly devoted himself to cake flour. He started selling it door-to-door in Munich at the age of 16. However, his father’s company soon became too small for his ambitions. So Georg Hipp split up and founded his firm in Pfaffenhofen in 1932.

Georg Hipp started in 1956 with the cultivation of fruit and vegetables on natural soils and without chemicals. Influenced by the ideas of the Swiss Dr. Hans Müller, the initiator of organic farming, Georg Hipp had one goal: the production of healthy food with good taste based on organic products.

The family farm, the “Ehrensberger Hof” in Pfaffenhofen, was adapted to organic production. Then, in 1967, Georg Hipp’s son Claus Hipp, together with his two brothers (Georg and Paulus), took over the company’s management and expanded the organic guidelines step by step.

After years of research, in 2010, hipp baby formula was the first brand to launch a new generation of growth formulas containing a combination of probiotics which are natural lactic acid-producing microorganisms (Lactobacillus fermentum) and prebiotic dietary fibers (GOS). Prebiotic dietary fibers develop a healthy gut modeled on breastfed babies.

Since March 2011, this combination is now also available in all HiPP COMBIOTIC® organic infant formulas.

In this way, hipp baby formula offers the public a wide range of infant formulas and follow-on formulas with natural lactic acid cultures and prebiotic dietary fibers for non-breastfed infants.