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The Art Of Living Requires The Art Of Loving As Well

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On some days, we feel like we are on cloud nine, but on other days, we don’t. It is okay not to feel okay sometimes, but if you are constantly battling against feelings like depression, anxiety, and paranoia, then you probably need some medical guidance. Sadly, we belong to a society where a mental health disorder is always looked down upon, and no matter what illness the patient is dealing with, all of them are generalized to be “CRAZY PEOPLE” who should be sent to asylums.

Embracing our souls with open arms, doing what makes us healthy and happy, and not allowing the negative energy to mess up with our inner wiring, is what self-love is all about. This is much easier said than done, but the amazing aspect of this digital era is that the root of every problem (big or small) finds its solution online. So, you should be aware of tools such as the self help app, which not only endorses mental health but also suggests ways to stay stress-free.

These apps are equipped with tools for coping mechanisms of stress with different exercises for tracking the levels of anxiety and depression. They also recommend techniques for meditation and mindfulness. The best part about such a self care app is that it is free to install on Android or iOS devices, and they render their services and maintain your data’s confidentiality. So, you are also spared from the vile speculations of people, although it should not bother you in the first place.

Since we are discussing the importance of mental well-being and how modern technologies can be used to assess and progress mindfully, a common technique used by psychotherapists nowadays must be pondered, i.e., the CBT tool.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) is a method used by modern therapists worldwide, and Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis developed it based on cognitive and behavioural therapies. This model is based on how we feel or interpret situations and determines our behaviour patterns and reactions. This is primarily influenced by our core beliefs and assumptions, which often need to be revised. This is the reason CBT mainly focuses on the current problem or situation that is the trigger point for the patient.

The CBT tools function with the following mechanisms;

Restructuring the thought process- The therapist tries to understand the patient’s thinking pattern in a triggered situation to help them identify and eliminate the negativity and reframe their thinking.

Re-defining the perspectives- The therapist can arrange questions to challenge the patient’s belief or assumption and might demand evidence in their favor or against them. This helps people to understand and observe things from other people’s perspectives.

Exposed to a fear- The therapist will ask questions or create a situation that triggers the trauma, and then they come up with techniques to cope with them at that moment. This helps the person suffering a lot in the long run.

On the end note, you can always select any self love app to start your own love story, but before you embark on this journey, there must prevail a strong sense of self-consciousness and a will to stay healthy physically as well as mentally.

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