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The Perfection for the Skin Care

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In case of proper skin care, too hard water does not clean well and rinses even more poorly. Above all, it will leave deposits on the skin which will eventually clog the pores. The radical solution would be to use a water softener filter, this is ideal, but it is quite expensive.

Generally, we always rinse my face a second time with a spray of thermal water , before dabbing with a tissue. This allows you to remove the remains of hard water (here the water is particularly hard) and at the same time soften the skin on my face. This is a tip that is also worth it even if you do not suffer from acne! Using the CBD Oil UK is essential there according to some.

An approximate make-up removal:

Attention, we do not question the makeup remover, but rather the way of using it .

Acne and an approximate make-up removal

  • Evening makeup removal is often a chore for many, and it is very tempting to do it quickly.
  • The risk? Ugly buttons that will be established on the remains of makeup products, mixed with various dirt accumulated during the day (dust, pollution particles and other junk).
  • Whatever the product used, the skin must be completely clear and free of anything that can clog it. If you use micellar water, for example, a single cotton pad will not be enough, for example, you must continue until the cotton passed over your face is clean.
  • So yes, if we do a lot of make-up, we may have to review the way we remove make-up (otherwise, we quickly get half a packet of cotton a day) (and the planet won’t thank you for that).

You can’t want super long-lasting makeup products and not have proper makeup removal. For my part, we use long-lasting makeup, and also a sunscreen (and they are difficult to remove), so double cleaning is really the best solution we have found to be sure to have a perfectly cleansed skin. the evening. The cleansing oil will dissolve all my make-up products (including waterproof) and also the sun products, and my cleansing gel will finish cleaning the skin. If you wear little or no makeup, one product is enough, of course.

When you suffer from acne, good hygiene is really essential, so do not miss it during the cleansing phase of your skin.

The Causes

In cause, an over Рactivity of the sebaceous glands, located at the level of the hair follicle (ie where the hair grows): they produce too much sebum. As a result, the pore of the skin is blocked and this greatly facilitates the proliferation of bacteria Propionibacterium acnes present on the skin. They are the ones responsible for the inflammation.  Adolescents are the most affected, 80% of young people are affected. It is estimated that 20% to 30% of adults aged 20 to 40 have acne and up to 40% of adult women suffer from it.

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