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Not everyone feels okay with sitting in the dentist’s chair. A lot of adults and children face dental anxiety. Sometimes this anxiety can be so crippling that it can deter them from receiving the necessary treatment on time and maintaining a healthy mouth and body. Being scared of undergoing dental treatment is a very common phenomenon; however, many adults feel too embarrassed to accept it. Sleep Dentistry is the solution to this anxiety. There are several safe options for both adults and children, which can help them to be relaxed while they are undergoing the treatment.

For whom is sedation dentistry recommended?

Sedation is not provided to every person who is undergoing the treatment. There are specific criteria that you need to meet. You should suffer from severe fear and anxiety in undergoing the necessary dental treatment. Some people also have difficulty getting numb or have a sensitive gag reflex, or even difficulty opening their mouth. Those who have a history of trauma during dental procedures or are undergoing complex dental procedures are also recommended sedation dentistry. Some people also have an aversion to needles and can’t stand the sight of a dentist performing the procedure in their mouth. This can be a massive hurdle during the treatment process. To overcome all the preceding problems, sedation is performed. This helps to ensure that the patient is at ease and the procedure is carried out correctly.

What are the different types of sedation?

Oral Sedation: In this type of sedation, a pill is given to you to reduce dental anxiety. This depends upon the anxiety level, weight, and medical history of the person. This is only given to adults. If you are undergoing this type of sedation, you would need someone to drive you or escort you home after the dental procedure. It takes several hours for the effects of the medicine to wear off completely.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: This sedation is popularly known as the laughing gas. You are made to inhale this through a special nose mask while the dental work is being completed. It is a quick-acting gas. This type of sedation is perfect for use on children, as it is safe and effective. The gas has a rapid onset and leaves the body about five minutes after the dental work has been completed. The child undergoing the treatment can go back to school and resume their daily activities after the dental appointments. It is also great for adults who want to feel relaxed during the procedure as the gas can decrease anxiety while you are still conscious. As the effects of the gas wear off after it is turned off, you can drive yourself back home with ease.

General Anesthesia: A licensed dental anesthetist usually administers it. It is preferred for young children who need extensive dental work, where one appointment would complete everything, preferably. It is also perfect for adults and teenagers who would rather not be awake for the procedure.

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